Chronic Care Management

CCM is a new Medicare Program that helps patients with two or more chronic conditions get access to the care they need in-between visits the moment they need it.
*Receive weekly check-ins from your provider and care team to discuss your health and needs. 

*Ask questions about your chronic care and receive timely feedback from your health care team all through SMS text message. 

What should I expect when I'm enrolled in CCM?

  • As a participant in CCM you will be given extra attention from our Care Team at Phelps Medical Group month after month. We develop a Care Plan tailored to your health needs to help guide you on how to best manage your health in-between visits. 
  • To check-in and assist you on keeping on track in managing your health and chronic conditions over time, we send you text messages weekly and are available to answer any of your health-related questions and be a resource on refilling your medications. 

What does CCM require of me, the patient?

  • The CCM Program requires nothing from you other than your engagement and response. We will be taking the time to help you best manage your health in-between your visits, so your response and engagement is both required and appreciated.
  • All that we ask is you reply to our occasional check-in texts, and that you talk with our Care Team when they call you. The goal of this program is not to burden you, instead, it’s to stay in frequent contact so that we can help guide you to your best health!
  • Oftentimes patients find it most convenient to text instead of call for answers to their questions about symptoms and health-related questions.

For more information and to sign up for the program, call us at 308-995-6111