Welcome to Phelps Medical Group

Welcome to Phelps Medical Group

Dependable. Efficient. Dedicated. These words are the driving force of the Phelps Medical Group team. We are committed to helping our patients improve their health and live the life they’ve always imagined. In today’s world, technology is fully integrated into our lives. We believe it is important to make a personal connection with our patients and work efficiently by delivering a hands-on approach. We are here to help.

Phelps Medical Group Services

Our team is passionate about providing high-quality clinical health and wellness services to our community. Our group is experienced in the areas of obstetrics, pediatrics, adult wellness, diabetes management, podiatry, family practice, osteopathic manipulative treatment, men’s health, and women's health. We are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions here.
Do you have immunization records?

We do have record of all immunizations you have received at Phelps Medical Group. Please notify us if you have received immunizations elsewhere so we can update your file.

How can I obtain copies of my medical records?

You must sign a Release of Information form in order for us to release records to you. A parent or legal guardian must sign the release for a child or mentally incompetent patient, with required documentation. We require at least 24 hours, and not to exceed 30 days, to release medical information, unless it is a medical emergency.

I have insurance. Why did I get a bill?

You receive a bill after your insurance processes our claim. The amount you are billed is based on what your insurance communicates to us on an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Your insurance also mails you an EOB which shows how your insurance calculated your responsibility.

I have Medicaid. Why did I get a bill?

You are sent a bill for your share of cost, co-pays, or non-covered services.